Build up, what is it and how to let your scalp breath again.

Most people think that product build up only means oily/waxy residue on your hair. But you won’t believe how many things can cause build up on our scalp.

It is very common to have oily hair. Many products that we find in the market, provide shine and softness to your hair by using chemicals, oils or wax. These products might work if you use them once in a while but on a regular basis may cause build up.

You must wash your hair the right way, otherwise you will leave residue behind that will create build up. This will clog hair pores and won’t let moisture or nutrients penetrate into the hair, drying it.


But that’s not the only reason why we build up residues on our scalp. There are external factors such as the environment, and internal factors such as medications.

Environmental factors like dust can mix with natural hair oils, creating build up. Internal factors as hormonal issues, birth control or thyroid medication may cause build up on your scalp.


The best solution is oil pulling technique, which consists of using natural oils. Apply one or two drops onto your scalp, then massage thoroughly to remove all the buildup, then rinse.

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