Nourishing Foods for Hair & Scalp – Part 1

Hi there and welcome back to our blog! If you’re like many people, you might be struggling to obtain or maintain healthy, strong hair, radiant hair. But did you know there are many foods that actually stimulate and help maintain healthy hair and scalp? In today’s post, we’ll begin a short blog series that explores… read more

Improve the Health of Your Hair While You Sleep

  While many of us don’t give much thought to our hair care before we go to sleep, prepping your hair before bedtime could actually improve the overall health of your hair and scalp. And who doesn’t want stronger, longer hair? Here at New Image Labs, we love dreaming up new ways to enhance the… read more

5 Awesome Ways to Take Care of Your Scalp This Summer

  Summertime is an exciting season full of long days spent with friends and family outdoors, by the pool, on the beach, or simply relaxing and barbecuing in the backyard. For many people, though, hotter temps and muggier humidity causes them to worry about one of the things they sometimes have the least control over—your… read more

Likely Suspects of Dry Scalp

If you’re experiencing a dry scalp at this changing of the season, you aren’t alone. In fact, about half of Americans experience dandruff or other forms of dry scalp throughout the year, and no time is as common during transitions to and from the winter months. Today, our scalp care team will review some of… read more

4 Ways to Actually Prevent Hair Breakage

In our previous blog, we threw out the four most likely causes your hair is breaking, excluding the natural regrowth and replacement your hair does on its own. Today, we’ll complete what we started by offering solutions and preventions for your hair breakage that can help you wrest back control in your fight against split… read more

4 Actual Reasons Your Hair Is Breaking

If, like so many of us, your hair breaks on a regular basis, then you no doubt wonder what the heck you can do differently to avoid the total lack of growth, fraying, and premature haircuts caused by split-ends and other hair breakage. Natural & Environmental Hair Breakage Okay, so first off, the top offender… read more

Balancing Scalp Oils

One question we get from our fan base all too often is “how much scalp oil is too much?” While we wish that we could simply say “everything in moderation” and be done with it, the issue is a bit (or a lot) more complicated that. There is no magic wand to wave and balance… read more

How Diet Impacts Your Future Hairstyles

Lately, it has become quite trendy to look at diet as a holistic treatment for many things; in addition to the notorious prescribed diet changes for cardiac issues and diabetes, there is a growing push toward viewing nutrition as a way to prevent future health issues. Diet has long been known to have a nearly… read more

Avoid Damaging Product Build-Up

Nobody likes to feel like they have dirty hair. Regardless of the season, the feeling of grime can come on quickly, often punishing you for only a day without a shower or a couple without a thorough wash. There is, however, such thing as too much of a good thing; overdoing hair care can lead… read more