How Alcohol Affects Your Hair

      You usually wake up from a night of heavy drinking feeling sluggish and probably a little sick. You’re dehydrated, lacking nutrients, and tired as hell. You stumble over to the mirror, afraid to look up and see what stares back at you. Skin is feeling dehydrated and your hair…well, let’s just say… read more

5 Zinc-Rich Foods to Improve Your Hair & Scalp

The holidays are a wonderful time of year where we spend time with friends and family, eat lots of decadent foods and sweets, and attend festive social events that allow us to let loose a bit. But if you read our last blog post, you learned that there are many unhealthy habits that we fall… read more

Holiday Food Could Ruin Your Hair!

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when we gather with our families to enjoy a delicious traditional dinner. Tasty dips, three different types of pie, sugar, peppermint, chocolate chips cookies, candy, hot cocoa, eggnog, wine, and all that yummy holiday food and drinks that we have been waiting for! Everything sounds amazing but,… read more

4 Reasons Your Hair Isn’t Growing

If you let out a sigh every time you look at your hair in the mirror, then it’s time to re-evaluate your hair and scalp care regimen. Chances are, you’re making at least one of these four mistakes and your hair is speaking out in protest. Whether you’re struggling to grow your hair or looking… read more

Nourishing Foods for Hair and Scalp, Part 3

Hello, and welcome back! Most human scalps contain between 100,000 and 350,000 hair follicles, which is a lot. Because hair is made of a tough protein called keratin, protein intake is crucial for healthy, strong hair. Last time, we looked at healthy foods that help sustain a healthy scalp and strong hair by focusing specifically… read more

Avoid These 3 Ingredients in Your Hair Products

What ingredients should you be avoiding? We’re always told that if we can’t pronounce an ingredient on the back of a shampoo bottle, then it’s no good–that ideology isn’t always the best. Yes, we are cautious, but many hard-to-pronounce ingredients are harmless. What we need to do is watch out for, specific ingredients that cause… read more

Build Up: What It Is and How to Let Your Scalp Breathe Again

Most people think that product build up only means oily and waxy residue on your hair, but you won’t believe how many things can cause build up on our scalp. It is very common to have oily hair, as many products that we find in the market, provide shine and softness to your hair by… read more

Nourishing Foods for Hair and Scalp, Part 2

Hello, and welcome back! In our recent post, we began looking at some healthy foods that stimulate and help maintain a healthy scalp and strong, radiant hair. More specifically, we focused on foods that combat dandruff and split ends, which include fish oil, delicious sweet potatoes, protein-packed nuts, and citrus fruits. We also looked at… read more

Nourishing Foods for Hair & Scalp – Part 1

Hi there and welcome back to our blog! If you’re like many people, you might be struggling to obtain or maintain healthy, strong hair, radiant hair. But did you know there are many foods that actually stimulate and help maintain healthy hair and scalp? In today’s post, we’ll begin a short blog series that explores… read more

Improve the Health of Your Hair While You Sleep

  While many of us don’t give much thought to our hair care before we go to sleep, prepping your hair before bedtime could actually improve the overall health of your hair and scalp. And who doesn’t want stronger, longer hair? Here at New Image Labs, we love dreaming up new ways to enhance the… read more